01/31/2023, 4:22 pm EST

Cold Snap for Ukraine Next Week

A much colder forecast as a vigorous upper trough across and to the east of the Black Sea region generates a chill that propels night temperatures into the 10-15F range at night in Ukraine and into Eastern Europe.
01/27/2023, 6:44 am EST

Boston’s Mild Winter Receives Cold Interruption Later Next Week

An exceptionally mild winter 2022-23 for New England but a brief period of arctic air visits later next week possibly for about 5 days. During that time Boston maximum temperatures could stay below freezing for up to 5 days including at least one night in the single digits.
01/26/2023, 8:18 am EST

Backing Off The Extreme Cold U.S. Forecasts

The U.S. outlook to close January and through the first third of February is trending less cold. The primary reason is an increased westerly component aloft in the medium-range forecast easing the cross-polar flow of arctic air and increasing the milder Pacific influence on the U.S. thermal pattern. As a result, heating degree days forecasts are trending lower.
01/24/2023, 10:27 am EST

Southwest/South Europe Turns Colder

An impressive upper-level low-pressure trough rolls across Southern Europe the next week to 10 days delivering locally cold weather to Southwest Europe to France and gradually across much of Southern Europe. The upper trough combines with still unusually warm Mediterranean Sea SSTA to produce excessive rains across this region into early February extending to Southeast Europe.