07/10/2022, 7:59 pm EDT

Solar Cycle 25 Continues to Strengthen Rapidly

Solar Cycle 25 appears to be intensifying more rapidly than initially forecast. Based on this early stage of solar cycle 25 observations, the solar peak projected for mid-decade is likely much stronger than previously forecast. There is potential for a historic solar maximum if the current rate of strengthening continues. Despite the potential for an exceptionally strong solar maximum, the correlation to larger than normal geomagnetic storms are not necessarily expected.
07/06/2022, 4:54 am EDT

Taking A Look at the Europe/North America Ridge Pattern Forecast for Mid-Summer 2022

Based on ECMWF, Europe has a drought problem for upcoming summer. Dry-to-drought soil conditions are already developing. ECMWF shifts an amplified upper ridge over Western Europe into mid-July eastward to Central/East Europe for late July into August. In the U.S., the upper ridge is suppressed by an emerging eastern North America upper trough the next 2 weeks. However, the Central/Midwest U.S. ridge re-emerges in August.
07/05/2022, 5:26 pm EDT

Dry and Hot Climate for Mid-summer across Europe!

A high-pressure ridge is forecast to take hold of the Europe climate pattern later in July and promote dry and hot climate to worsen already established dry soils. Expanding drought is in the forecast for Europe during mid-summer!