09/16/2019, 12:02 pm EDT

ENSO In Neutral Phase; A La Nina Trend

The equatorial East Pacific surface and subsurface is cooling steadily. The East-central to far eastern equatorial Pacific surface has cooled to below normal. The subsurface East Pacific equatorial region has also cooled. Neutral ENSO is in-place but the short-term trend is toward La Nina.
09/06/2019, 5:55 am EDT

A Warm Autumn for Canada

Autumn 2019 looks warm across Canada according to the latest 90-day outlook from the Canadian Meteorological Center. The catalyst to the warm forecast is the exceptionally warm ocean surface surrounding North America.
09/05/2019, 9:23 am EDT

Dorian Returns to Category 3 Major Hurricane Status

The forecast keeps Dorian just offshore South Carolina today but may take the storm inland the southeast coast of North Carolina around dawn tomorrow. The closer proximity to land coupled with southwesterly upper shear should cause some weakening of Dorian but not much as models indicate surface pressure near 957 MB now rises only slightly to 963-965 MB for the encounter with North Carolina.