01/17/2024, 8:03 pm EST

Subsurface Equatorial Pacific Cooling Underway as El Nino 2023-24 Likely Moving Past Mature Stage Soon

El Nino 2023-24 roars on but signs of weakening ahead have emerged. Cooling subsurface waters in the West Pacific have shifted east of the Dateline during January. Warm waters just beneath the surface of the equatorial Pacific to sustain El Nino remain, but the emerging cool waters are likely to expand and weaken/dissipate Pacific surface warming over the next several months. Expect neutral ENSO during Q2/2024 and La Nina by Q3/2024.
01/14/2024, 7:06 am EST

Freezing Rain/Icing A Larger Concern for Texas/Louisiana

The polar front has stalled on the Texas Coast with an area of low pressure forming off the South Texas Coast. A mild marine easterly flow off the Gulf is induced and slows the southward progress of the arctic front. Consequently, a large area of freezing rain causing an ice accretion is likely in central and eastern Texas shifting into Louisiana for later today and through tonight.