07/09/2023, 2:05 pm EDT

PJM-East to Roar Hot to Finish Meteorological Summer

Daily SSTA analysis off the U.S. East Coast reveal a dramatic warm-up. Currently, the western North Atlantic basin is a whopping +1.02C with warmest anomalies off the Northeast Corridor coastline. Other very warm SSTA observations are indicated from the Gulf of Mexico to the Bahamas. During the past 30 days, the warm signature indicated now has developed.
07/06/2023, 8:21 am EDT

Atmospheric El Nino Lagging Oceanic El Nino

The multivariate ENSO index (MEI) for MAY/JUN was +0.2 which indicates the global climate as related to ENSO phase is neutral. However, the conventional measure of ENSO phase, the Nino34 SSTA region, reached the El Nino threshold (+0.5C) in May and strengthened (+0.9C) in June.
07/05/2023, 8:24 am EDT

U.S. June 2023 Wind Speeds Lighter Than Normal Especially Wind Power Generating Areas

Zonal wind speed anomalies were below normal across most of the Northern U.S. especially the Upper Midwest to Northeast U.S. sector due to anomalous high pressure centered in Canada and extending the northern states. Above normal zonal wind speeds were observed across Western Texas and Florida. Meridional wind speed anomalies were below normal from Western Texas to the Northeast U.S.