03/25/2024, 6:02 am EDT

Australia Climate Likely to Shift Back into Wetter Regime of Early Decade

The Australia season 1-4 ahead outlook is update. The forecast is based primarily on an expected phase change of both the ENSO and IOD regimes plus the influence of marine heat waves on climate. The overall theme of the outlook is wetter as the 2020-22 wet climate across much of Australia returns for 2024.
03/19/2024, 12:48 pm EDT

Hotter Than Normal MAY-SEP U.S. CDD Forecasts

The preliminary U.S. population weight monthly CDD anomaly forecast for April through October 2024 indicates a similar pattern to the past 3 years: Near normal early in the season, increasing anomalous heat through mid-season which can ease slightly late in the season.
03/17/2024, 7:11 am EDT

Transient MJO Causal to Wetter Brazil/Australia/U.S. Midwest Pattern Ahead

The convection phase of the Madden Julian oscillation stretches across Maritime Continent and responsible for an active tropical cyclone pattern affecting Australia including Cateogry-2 Tropical Cyclone Megan on the North Coast. As the MJO shifts eastward and across the equatorial Pacific, the 5th such MJO surge since last September, a wetter pattern for Brazil and the Midwest U.S. generates in 8-14 days.
03/13/2024, 3:51 am EDT

March 2024 Global Soil Moisture 3-Month Observation Trend and Forecast

During meteorological winter, the northern hemisphere received mostly a wetter soil moisture signature largely due to the influence of El Nino. In the U.S., most of the western half of the U.S. observed a wet soil moisture trend. Similarly, the U.S. East Coast trend was wetter particularly in the Northeast Corridor. The drier tendency in the Midwest continued.