06/29/2021, 4:59 am EDT

Much of The U.S. Is In A Drought Or Has Drought Concerns Heading Into Mid-Summer

A review of rainfall needed to neutralize dry Palmer Drought Severity Index reveals much of the U.S. is either in a drought or has drought concerns as mid-summer approaches. The West/Northwest to North-central drought is historic. However, Florida has slipped into a harsh drought. Much of the Northeast and East also has significant rainfall shortages.
06/21/2021, 11:40 am EDT

Another Extreme Heat Event Ahead for the West

Re-emergence of another extreme hot weather event is forecast for this weekend in the Southwest U.S., California and the Northwest States. This time the peak heat, which could reach 120F occurs in northern California and the Interior Northwest States likely next Monday.
06/16/2021, 10:32 am EDT

Very Warm Waters Ahead of 92L in the Northwest Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Disturbance 92L is forecast to become a tropical storm by tomorrow night and north-northeastward into southwest Louisiana on Saturday. Northwest Gulf of Mexico waters are 85-86F which supports a hurricane. Tropical cyclone models are projecting a moderate-strength tropical storm. However, there is potential for an over-achieving system late this week in the northwest Gulf of Mexico.
06/13/2021, 8:01 am EDT

California/Southwest U.S. & Great Plains Super Heat Event This Week

A high-pressure cell over the Southwest U.S. this week strengthens to rare 6000 DM at 500 MB propelling widespread historic heat across the Southwest U.S., California and pulsing into the Great Plains and reaching western Texas by next weekend. Searing and extremely dangerous heat is caused by this super high-pressure cell.