02/08/2023, 2:49 pm EST

Solar Cycle 25 Sunspot Activity Well Ahead of Forecast

The January 2023 sunspot number was 143, well over the already adjusted forecasts. Observational implications are that solar cycle 25 will continue to progress at much higher sunspot number rates than forecast ultimately cresting at values similar to, or higher than the last stronger solar cycle maxima (number 23) observed around 2000.
02/04/2023, 9:59 am EST

Marine Heat Wave Inspires Chile/Argentina Heat & Drought. El Nino Coming!

There is a strong tendency for amplified broad-scale upper-level high-pressure ridge areas to form across and downwind MWH episodes. No exception is the exposure South America has to this phenomenon as meteorological summer 2022-23 has produced a titanic upper-level ridge east of Argentina extending across Argentina to cause drought in that country and aggravate long-term drought in Chile.
02/02/2023, 2:44 pm EST

Dangerous Cold Blast for New England!

The core of an arctic air mass moving toward South-central Canada today will move east-southeast and into New England with limited, if any moderation. The coldest point of the arctic air presence across the Northeast is around 5AM Saturday morning. At that time, Boston could plummet to -16F, Portland, ME -24F, and Burlington, VT -30F.