02/01/2024, 5:30 am EST

Consistent Forecast: Europe Turns Wintery Cold Again Mid-February

Persistent upper trough across Northwest Eurasia during winter 2023-24 shifts to Central Europe. Gradually, Northern Europe chill shifts farther south. The upper trough triggers a significant storm track across Southern Europe through the Black Sea region with increasing risk of snow.
01/31/2024, 2:48 pm EST

Arctic Air Watch for 3rd Week of February Issued

Stratospheric warming returns to Siberia in 12+ days. Risk of arctic air generating in Eurasia returns. If so, where does the air mass travel? The midday (Jan. 31) suggests the air mass evolves and may want to travel cross-polar into North America. The risk is still low but increasing for potential important cold in the U.S. Feb. 18-24.
01/30/2024, 2:27 pm EST

The Inaugural South America Year-2 Ahead Climate Forecast

The inaugural year-2 ahead climate forecast for South America is issued. The forecast is valid for meteorological autumn 2025 through summer 2025-26. Forecast highlights include a strengthening Brazil drought shifting southward into Northeast Argentina.
01/28/2024, 1:16 pm EST

Excessive Heat Argentina, Hot Pattern Australia, Heavy Precipitation Returns to Europe, China chill.

Extremes are ahead as February arrives. Featured is extreme heat risk in Argentina with an attendant dry climate. Parts of Australia have observed a much hotter than normal mid-summer and the heat becomes more extreme into early February. Mostly dry and mild this week in Europe but a vigorous storm track returns next week. The second cold outbreak of winter so far is heading for China during the medium range.