01/13/2024, 6:28 am EST

The Latest on U.S. Winter Storm “Gerri”

"Bomb cyclones" and following frigid arctic air warrant a winter storm name "Gerri". A trail of El Nino storms producing near or less than 980 MB low pressure systems continues. The latest super storm is over the eastern Great Lakes with attendant storminess producing more flooding rains with high wind in the Northeast States while blizzard conditions from the Midwest to the Great Lakes persist. Wind chill warnings are posted by NOAA for the Great Plains as a following arctic air mass is poised to release into the U.S.
01/12/2024, 8:53 am EST

Glance At 15-Day Temperature Forecasts for U.S. Energy Regions

A glance at U.S. energy regions for system temperature utilizing all operational models through the next 15 days to best identify days of highest impact related to extreme cold. Spiking cold is shown farther south (ERCOT) while long duration cold is shown for the Central/East-central U.S. (PJM-W and MISO).
01/11/2024, 5:12 pm EST

Wet Climate in Panama May Wait Until Q4/2024

The drought adversely affecting shipping the Panama Canal region continues. The drought is linked to the El Nino of 2023-24. Until El Nino reverses to La Nina, the dryness in Panama is likely to continue or rain that does occur is not enough to ease the drought.
01/09/2024, 5:21 am EST

The January 2024 Polar Vortex Event Ahead!

High impact weather, some elements life-threatening are developing with additional events ahead. Flooding rains into the East this week with Midwest blizzards followed by incoming air across an expanding U.S. snow cover next week. The January 2024 polar vortex pattern with dramatic impacts is ahead!