03/04/2024, 9:01 am EST

Upper Ocean Heat to Support El Nino Almost Gone

The upper ocean heat required to support El Nino is almost gone east of the Deadline. Subsurface warmth remains near the Dateline but is sharply cooler in the east-central and far east subsurface region. Anomalous warmth required in the subsurface to sustain El Nino is fading fast.
03/03/2024, 12:57 pm EST

Latest EDDI Analysis Reveals Midwest U.S. Drought Concern

Evaporative Drought Demand Index (EDDI) considers both short and long-term precipitation patterns and the attendant influence on soil moisture to identify where drought is most likely to evolve or if already present most likely to intensify. Currently, EDDI analysis reveals harsh ED4 conditions centered on the Northern U.S. Corn Belt.
03/01/2024, 1:21 pm EST

Midday 12Z GFS Was Dry in the 15-Day Forecast for the Smokehouse Creek Fire Zone

A surge of strong west to southwest wind extends to the Smokehouse Creek fire zone peaking tomorrow afternoon with sustained west to southwest wind near 30 mph on the western edge of the fire zone. In this scenario, expansion of the fires eastward into Oklahoma is expected. On Sunday, wind speeds ease slightly while the wind direction is southwest. Tuesday night, wind shifts to north-northeast at 10-20 mph. The 12Z GFS indicates little or no rain during the latest 15-day outlook across Northern Texas.
02/29/2024, 12:53 pm EST

Smokehouse Creek Fires Receive Synoptic Scale High Wind

The Smokehouse Creek fire continues to expand and intensify primarily located in northern Texas but now reaching into Oklahoma. High wind is generated by the fire enhanced by synoptic scale wind this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon averaging 20-25 mph with gusts to 40 mph from the south today and west tomorrow.