U.S. HDD Forecast Trends Back Toward Normal After Early January

High Impact Climate: Heavy Monsoon Rains Australia/Argentina Drought Worsening
12/29/2022, 4:56 am EST
New Arctic Air Mass But Not in North America
01/02/2023, 8:17 am EST
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Chart of the day: U.S. HDD forecast shifts closer to normal mid-January.

Discussion: The latest U.S. gas population weight HDD forecast reveals a very warm next week followed by recovery to near normal national heating demand.

Medium-range 6-10 Day Forecast Valid January 4-8, 2023 (24-hour change right)

Discussion: The 6-10-day forecast is storm-cooled in the West while east of the Continental Divide remains very warm.

Medium-range 11-15 Day Forecast Valid January 9-13, 2023 (24-hour change right)

Discussion: The Southeast U.S. trends cooler while the West is not as cool in an otherwise still warm 11-15-day forecast.

U.S. Medium-range Precipitation Forecast

Discussion: The storm track remains ominous into California during the medium range. The East Coast trends wetter during the 6-10-day period.

Days 16-20 Extended range Forecast valid January 14-18, 2023

Discussion: The outlook is consistent with a cool/wetter bias Southeast while the Central U.S. is mostly dry and mild. The West Coast trends wetter.