Global Soil Moisture Anomaly Analysis for May 2020

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06/02/2020, 4:43 pm EDT
Great Plains Soil Moisture is Trending Much Drier
06/12/2020, 1:45 pm EDT
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Global soil moisture discussion: The vast majority of soils across the globe are wetter than normal which is rare during the modern climate pattern. In North America there remain wet soil regions in the Central and East U.S. although the Great Plains trend is mostly drier. The East/Southeast U.S. is trending wetter. Much of Mexico is now trending wetter. In South America a wet trend developed across Western Brazil while central Argentina and the southern Chilean Drought Area turned wetter.

In Africa the trend is wet and wetter. Tropical/subtropical (northern hemisphere) is boldly wetter. In Europe the overall trend is drier across previously soaked U.K. and central/east-central portions of Europe are also trending drier. A different story across soaked northern Eurasia trending wetter in-part due to snowmelt. Far northeastern Russia is trending drier.

Finally, Southern Asia is trending wetter except dryness still hanging on in Thailand. Western Indonesia is wetter. Northeast and southwestern Australia are turning drier again while southeastern portions are wetter.