Solar Cycle 25 Is Underway

Madden Julian Oscillation To Regain Strength/Influence on Climate
03/02/2021, 11:22 am EST
February 2021 and DEC/JAN/FEB 2020-21 Climate Rankings
03/08/2021, 8:07 pm EST
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Discussion: A spike in solar activity around the beginning of 2021 descended sharply in February. However, the overall trend of solar activity is upward as Solar Cycle 25 has initiated. Solar cycle 24 featured sharply diminished intensity from normal values observed over much of the past century. Concern was cited at a possible return to the last lengthy period of minimal solar activity observed in 1800-1830 known as the Dalton Minimum. During that time atmospheric cooling was observed. The (NASA) projection of solar cycle 25 intensity is similar to cycle 24. If correct, the back-to-back diminished solar cycle signatures would not be as strong as the Dalton Minimum and probably closer to the 1880-1910 diminished solar activity. During that 30-year period there was no notable descent in atmospheric temperature. In November of last year, a research paper published in Solar Physics stated that solar cycle 25 would be one of the strongest on record.