November 2023 U.S. Temperature/Precipitation Rankings

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12/08/2023, 9:50 am EST
Prohibitive U.S. Warmth Ahead of January Pattern Change
12/12/2023, 6:58 am EST
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Highlight: A look at November state temperature/precipitation rankings.

Fig. 1: The November 2023 state-by-state temperature rankings according to NOAA.

Fig. 2: The November 2023 state-by-state precipitation rankings according to NOAA.

Discussion: November 2023 ranked 19th warmest on record given the 129-year climatology. New Mexico and Nebraska ranked MUCH ABOVE normal temperature while the remainder of the West and Central States were warmer than normal. The South and East U.S. were close to normal. The month was exceptionally dry, ranking 12th driest on record. Most states were drier than normal in November with the Midwest driest (Indiana was 3rd driest on record while Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri were each 8th driest).  Meteorological autumn ranked 23rd warmest of 129 years while the precipitation regime ranked 12th driest.