Second Year In A Row Australia Avoids Drought

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08/05/2021, 8:12 am EDT
Southeast Europe Drought Could Expand Westward
08/09/2021, 7:50 am EDT
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Australia Avoids Drought Risk

Fig. 1: Australia Bureau of Meteorology analysis of soil moisture anomalies for July 2021.

Discussion: The July 2021 soil moisture anomaly analysis across Australia indicates mostly wetter than normal soils (Fig. 1). Parts of interior Western Australia have below normal soil moisture. The seasonal forecast for Australia is wetter than normal across north and east sections (Fig. 2). The wet climate pattern is likely to last into early 2022. Australia will avoid drought for a second consecutive year.

Fig. 2: The Climate Impact Company rainfall anomaly forecast for SEP/OCT/NOV 2021.