Southwest Is Best, Midwest Worst Day 11-15 Temperature Forecast Skill Scores

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08/03/2021, 9:46 am EDT
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Fig. 1: Regional temperature forecast skill scores for days 11-15 for major models. Data provided by CWG/Storm Vista WX Models.

Day 11-15 regional temperature forecast skill scores: Regional skill scores for 2-meter temperatures in the 11-15-day period for the past 30 days are best in the Southwest U.S. where forecast skill is excellent (Fig. 1). Not far behind with very good scores (for days 11-15) is the Pacific Northwest and ERCOT (Texas) region(s). Skill scores in the high energy demand Mid-Atlantic region is reasonable. The lowest skill scores are in the Northeast and Great Plains. Lowest skill scores are in the Midwest States.