Polar Ice Cap is Shrinking Fast

North Atlantic Tropics Starting To Look More Favorable
07/26/2019, 10:28 am EDT
Record Negative Antarctic Oscillation Developing
07/30/2019, 10:07 am EDT
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European Heat Wave Ends, Shifts North to Greenland

Fig. 1: Latest sea ice extent analysis reveals mid-July 2019 is at 80% of the 1980-2010 climatology. Further rapid melting is likely this week due to very warm temperatures across Greenland.

Fig. 2: GFS OP temperature anomaly forecast for 0300 GMT on Tuesday indicates 15F-25F warm temperature anomalies across Greenland.

Discussion: The mid-July 2019 polar ice cap was measured at 7.84 million square miles which is 80% of the 1980-2010 climatology. Further melting occurs this week as remains of a European heat wave shifts north to Greenland and moderating but still capable of producing temperatures well above normal.