Madden Julian Oscillation/Arctic Oscillation Shift Ahead

Storminess Ahead for Great Plains; flood risk increases substantially.
03/10/2020, 7:36 am EDT
Intense “Kona Storm” Strikes Hawaii
03/17/2020, 9:18 am EDT
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Since December the Madden Julian oscillation has been active and persisting over the tropics from Indonesia to the Dateline. The latent heat released poleward from this massive area of convection propelled the mild influence of the Pacific jet stream eastward across the U.S. (and Eurasia). The ejection of heat poleward from this (tropical) location also contributed to the lack of displacement of the polar vortex locked near the North Pole (as demonstrated by historic positive arctic oscillation). Finally, after nearly 3 months of this climate diagnostic a change is ahead…the MJO will shift east toward the tropical Atlantic and Africa in 7+ days. Coincidentally, the positive arctic oscillation collapses. A colder northern hemisphere climate evolves in 10+ days including North America AND Eurasia.