Onset of +IOD Pattern Helps Maintain Dry India Climate

Real-time Extreme Weather Forecasts Driven In-part By Warmer Than Normal Ocean
08/17/2023, 8:18 am EDT
Strong -AAO Pattern Pushes a Brazil Coffee Freeze Risk Early Next Week
08/20/2023, 12:02 pm EDT
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Charts of the day: No monsoon rains past 30 days SE Asia/India.

Discussion: The India/Southeast wet monsoon failed during mid-July to mid-August. Drought is developing across southern, western, and northern India. Drought continues in Thailand, parts of Vietnam, and Southern China. Conversely, parts of China have observed heavy rain and flooding.

Week-2 Ahead Forecast valid August 29-September 4, 2023: East-central rains otherwise dry.

Discussion: An upper trough may spawn thunderstorm activity across East-central India into early September while the remainder of the nation stays drier than normal. Intense heat is likely across northern areas.

Week-3 Ahead Forecast valid September 5-11, 2023: Mostly dry.

Discussion: Thundershowers affect Central India while elsewhere a drier than normal regime continues. Northwest India remains the hottest anomaly forecast zone.

Week-4 Ahead Forecast valid September 12-18, 2023: Widespread dryness.

Discussion: Most of India is hotter and drier than normal during mid-September.