November 2021 Northern Hemisphere Snow Report

U.S. Autumn 2021 Ranked 3rd Warmest On Record
12/08/2021, 3:47 pm EST
La Nina Peaks in January; El Nino risk late 2022.
12/10/2021, 8:11 am EST
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Highlight: Northern hemisphere snow cover analysis and a check on South America rainfall.

Fig. 1-3: The North America, Eurasian and Northern Hemisphere snow cover and ranking (of 56 years) for November from the Rutgers Snow Laboratory.

Snow cover discussion: The November 2021 snow cover analysis by the Rutgers Snow Laboratory is complete. The data indicate the North America snow cover is lagging behind normal ranking 11th least snowy in the 56-year climatology (Fig. 1). Meanwhile Eurasia is just-the-opposite ranking 9th snowiest since 1966 (Fig. 2). The northern hemisphere averages snowier than normal ranking 18th most snowy (Fig. 3). The polar sea ice cap extent of ice ranks 10th lowest in the satellite era (since 1979). Remarkably, there is no ice in Hudson Bay and waters north of Europe are wide open (Fig. 4). However, sea ice is above normal in the Bering Sea.

Fig. 4: Analysis of sea ice extent in the polar region.