Widespread Excessive Rainfall/Flood Risk Next 3 Days

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07/31/2022, 12:07 pm EDT
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08/03/2022, 8:33 am EDT
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Discussion: While drought discussion has been a significant issue during mid-summer, excessive rain zones are expanding as early August arrives. The East Kentucky/Central Appalachia historic flood is expanding. Excessive rainfall leading to flash flooding is forecast across all of Kentucky today with greatest risk in southeast Illinois (Fig. 1). Risk of local flooding due to passing gully-washer showers/thundershowers cover the Upper Midwest and much of the Southeast States today and is ongoing in the Southwest U.S. to the Great Basin.

Fig. 1: NOAA/WPC excessive rainfall/flash flood risk for today.

Severe thunderstorms trigger excessive rainfall leading to a flash flood risk from St. Louis, MO to Lansing, MI tomorrow (Fig. 2). Included is the Chicago area. Additionally, there is flood risk caused by passing showers/thunderstorms across the Southwest and Southeast U.S. most likely in southeast Louisiana.

Fig. 2: NOAA/WPC excessive rainfall/flash flood risk for Wednesday.

On Thursday, the excessive rainfall risk leading to flash flooding continues across much of the Ohio Valley and will include flooded Kentucky and Appalachia (Fig. 3). The flood risk stretches northeast to New England. In the Southwest States the ongoing heavy rain/flood risk continues and increases intensity either side of the AZ/NM state line.

Fig. 3: NOAA/WPC excessive rainfall/flash flood risk for Thursday.