December 2021 Northern Hemisphere Snowfall Report

Impactful Snow and Cold Ahead for Northeast Corridor
01/04/2022, 3:43 pm EST
This Week’s Argentina Heatwave!
01/11/2022, 1:23 pm EST
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Highlight: Early Winter Snow Cover Report.

Fig. 1-3: December 2021 snow cover rank based on 1966-2021 climatology where 1 = most snowy and 56 = least snowy for North America, Eurasia and the northern hemisphere.

Discussion: Alaska tied a record for most snow in December in the satellite era (1966-2021). Snowy Alaska also set a record for most snow in November. Canada was off to a slow start (in November) for snow cover but managed to rank 14th most snowy in December. The U.S. ranked 32 of 56 years in December. Collectively, North America ranked 26 of 56 years in December (Fig. 1). Eurasia is running well behind normal ranking 13th least snowy in the 56-year climatology (Fig. 2). The northern hemisphere snow cover was below normal ranking 17 of 56 years (Fig. 3).