02/20/2019, 8:42 am EST

Plethora of U.S. Warnings and Advisories Today

An energetic storm track propels storms across the West, Midwest and East U.S. Much of the storminess is in the form of moderate to heavy snow especially the West and Midwest while snow changes to ice and eventually rain in the coastal Northeast Corridor today.
02/18/2019, 7:37 pm EST

Will a Westerly Wind Burst Return El Nino Ocean Warming?

A westerly wind burst (WWB) has emerged the past 7-10 days near the Dateline. At least 6 WWB have occurred since last September each having promise of pushing oceanic warmth into the far eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean to ignite El Nino. However, in each case the WWB event has weakened prior to reaching 120W longitude and El Nino onset failed.
02/13/2019, 10:47 am EST

Unable to Generate -NAO to Chill The East

The super cold pattern in the West/Central U.S. is likely to have a glancing effect on the East U.S. only as the North Atlantic oscillation stays flat.
02/12/2019, 2:50 pm EST

U.S. Gas HDD Push Colder To End The Cold Season

After a cold start to the cold season when national gas population weight HDD were somewhat higher than the 30-year normal in November a warm December followed. February and March turn colder than normal to finish the cold season.