10/17/2018, 3:14 pm EDT

Powerful Madden Julian Oscillation Could Cause Potent East U.S. Storm Late October

Late October looks stormy in the Southeast U.S. to Mid-Atlantic States. These areas have been hit hard by Florence and Michael during the late warm season and cannot take any more high wind and heavy rain events. Unfortunately, signs of a potent Southeast/Mid-Atlantic storm are ahead for later this month likely causing excessive rainfall, high wind and probably some heavy wet snow in the central/south Appalachians.
10/14/2018, 12:23 pm EDT

Quebec Snowcover Increase Leads to East U.S. Chill

Canadian snow cover is well ahead of schedule and that trend continues mid-to-late October as snows pile across Quebec providing a source region for chilly air masses to move across the East U.S.
10/12/2018, 4:24 am EDT

Global Soil Moisture Observation/Forecast Trend

During JUL/AUG/SEP 2018 a whopping 18 regions across the globe trended drier while only 4 observed a wetter change.
10/10/2018, 7:25 am EDT

Superb performance by HWRF/HMON models

From earlier this week both the HWRF and HMON hurricane forecast models have forecast strong category 4 major hurricane minimum pressure for excellent forecast!