03/23/2023, 5:48 pm EDT

Verifying the CIC-CA Summertime Forecast for South America

Taking a look at the Climate Impact Company summer 2022-23 climate forecast versus verification yielded mostly effective results.
03/20/2023, 9:35 am EDT

East Pacific Subsurface Is Warming Fast!

Dramatic warming of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean is a leading indicator of warm ENSO ahead! So far in March, the eastern equatorial Pacific subsurface has warmed dramatically thanks to passage of the Madden Julian oscillation.
03/16/2023, 12:05 pm EDT

NOAA/CPC Projects A Wet Summer in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region

The persistent warmer than normal North Atlantic SSTA contributes to wet weather/increased flood risk in the East-central U.S. for spring and the Mid-Atlantic region to Appalachian Spine for meteorological summer.
03/14/2023, 12:44 pm EDT

Oceanic La Nina Ends; Atmospheric La Nina Continues

The Nino34 SSTA has shifted to neutral phase as the conventional index for monitoring ENSO phase indicates oceanic La Nina has ended. However, the multivariate ENSO index (MEI) which accounts for the atmospheric reaction to the equatorial Pacific SSTA regime remains in La Nina phase.