08/14/2018, 4:27 am EDT

El Nino Gas Tank Needs to Reload

Strong subsurface warming in the equatorial East Pacific during the past several months is fading ending El Nino onset risk over the next couple months. A new Kelvin Wave moving east of the Dateline in August must reach the northwest coast of South America during northern hemisphere autumn to ignite El Nino onset
08/09/2018, 2:12 pm EDT

Australian Drought to Worsen

There are signs of a potential EL Nino Modoki later in 2018. If so the Australian climate will remain dry especially eastern sections and worsen drought.
08/07/2018, 9:43 am EDT

Rhine River Continues to Lower

The summer 2018 drought across Europe most focused on Central Europe has caused river levels to lower toward historic low water levels. The Rhine River has lowered to values 25% of height observed in early summer at Kaub.
08/05/2018, 9:13 am EDT

2-Week Soil Moisture CHANGE Forecast by GFS is Wetter Texas

Change in the U.S. soil moisture trend the next 2 weeks is indicated by the GFS (and other models). The Corn Belt into the East U.S. is drier as recent heavy rain episodes abate. Heavy rains shift to Texas and the Mid-South!