Heavy Rains Heading for Europe

GFS Occasionally Indicating East Coast Hurricane In 11-15 Days
07/24/2023, 9:44 am EDT
Monitoring 2 systems in the North Atlantic While El Nino Climate is Developing
07/30/2023, 12:43 pm EDT
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Fig. 1: ECM ENS indicates a splash of rain across Europe in the 15-day forecast.

Discussion: Pattern change brings copious rainfall to Europe over the next 15 days with 3-5 in. indicated by ECM ENS across the South-central Mountains and parts of Eastern Europe (Fig. 1). Of course, the wet weather is accompanied by cooler than normal temperatures (Fig. 2). Southeast Europe misses the rain and cooler regime. The Northern Canadian Prairies shift wetter in the latest 15-day forecast while a drier regime remains forecast toward the U.S./Canadian border (Fig. 3).

Fig. 2: ECM ENS 15-day temperature anomaly forecast across Europe.

Fig. 3: The ECM ENS rainfall anomaly forecast across the Canadian Prairies.