Brazil Heatwave Locks In!

New Zealand Marine Heatwave/Climate Could Add to Australia Drought Risk
09/19/2023, 7:47 am EDT
Inconsistent Asia Monsoon for Summer 2023
09/25/2023, 2:36 pm EDT
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Charts of the day: 7-day rainfall amount and risk of >100F risk areas

Discussion: During the past 7 days, much of Northern Argentina and Brazil turned somewhat drier. A hot weather pattern has developed. Widespread risk of >100F in Brazil is present through the next 10 days.

Week-2 Valid October 3-9, 2023: Brazil excessive heat.

Discussion: Hot and dry pattern dominates Brazil. The wet weather pattern is confined to Uruguay and Southeast Brazil. The forecast trend in Brazil is hotter.

Week-3 Valid October 10-16, 2023: Brazil heat and dryness continues.

Discussion: Upper ridge pattern holds and maintains the hot and dry weather across Brazil. Southeast Brazil remains a wet spot while Argentina is temperate and dry.

Week-4 Valid October 17-23, 2023: Central/North Brazil heat and dryness.

Discussion: Brazil stays hot while the dry pattern stretches across northern areas. Southeast Brazil rain continues.