Ida Continues To Intensify Rapidly!

Hurricane Models And Ida Prior To Landfall
08/27/2021, 7:29 am EDT
Ida Causes Catastrophic Damage To Southeast Lousiana
08/30/2021, 8:31 am EDT
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Highlight: Ida intensifying rapidly…Could reach category-5 prior to landfall.

Fig. 1: Rapidly intensifying Category-4 Major Hurricane Ida.

Discussion: Ida’s lowest pressure tumbled to 930 MB at 8AM EDT. Top wind is now 150 mph. An elevated platform at Southwest Pass, LA measured a wind speed at 105 mph with gusts to 121 mph at 8AM EDT. Ida continues to intensify. The threshold for a category-5 major hurricane wind speed is 157 mph and Ida has a chance to that by landfall. The landfall forecast is 1-2PM CDT near Port Fourchon/Grand Isle. NOAA/NHC has upgraded the classification of Ida to “catastrophic”. Katrina’s lowest pressure in 2005 was 902 MB. Ida is still intensifying rapidly!

Fig. 2: Rapidly intensifying Category-4 Major Hurricane Ida.