Surging Europe Dryness!

Midwest States shift into drought in latest NOAA climate outlooks.
07/21/2022, 10:09 am EDT
Cold Front Stalls – Drenches Mid-south and Tennessee Valley Mid-to-late Week!
07/25/2022, 5:05 am EDT
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Chart of the day: Europe soil moisture anomalies.

Discussion: Europe soil moisture anomalies continue to indicate a drying trend due to the ongoing heatwave and attendant dryness. The 10-day outlook by ECM maintains the dry pattern while farther to the East, the southern portion of Russia is quite wet.

Week-2 Ahead Forecast valid August 1-7, 2022: The heat is strongest in Spain to France; widespread dryness dominates!

Discussion: High-pressure ridging is more orientated toward Spain where the already hot forecast trends hotter. The East/Southeast Europe heat is less intense. The outlook is mostly dry as drought conditions expand and intensify.

Week-3 Ahead Forecast valid August 8-14, 2022: No pattern change…drought expansion.

Discussion: Ongoing drought expansion in Europe into mid-August as the pattern remains mostly dry and hot!

Week-4 Ahead Forecast valid August 15-21, 2022: Maybe some East Europe showers.

Discussion: Signs of wetter weather in Eastern Europe while central and western sections stay dry and somewhat warmer than normal.