Unusually Dynamic Global SSTA Pattern October 2021

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11/01/2021, 10:58 am EDT
Latest U.S. Gas Population Weight Winter HDD Rankings Forecast
11/07/2021, 3:25 pm EST
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Discussion: Taking a look at the global SSTA pattern for October 2021 we find an unusually dynamic analysis (by NOAA). The thermal contrast across narrow regions is exceptional! Typically, in recent years global oceans have been somewhat warmer than normal and frequently in a historical manor. For instance, the North Atlantic basin is likely very close to the warmest on record for October. However, large areas of cool SSTA have also developed recently. Note the cool vs. very warm signature in the central/east North Pacific Ocean as the North Pacific “warm blob” extends from the Dateline toward China while clashing with a cool PDO and La Nina pattern to the east. Similarly, the “warm blob” east of New Zealand runs-up against the much cooler pattern in the east/northeast South Pacific Ocean. The contrasting SSTA pattern in the northern hemisphere is classified as “never seen before” and likely a contributor to unusual weather occurrences for upcoming northern hemisphere winter.