U.S. 3rd Hottest July on Record

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08/03/2022, 8:33 am EDT
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Discussion: July 2022 was a brutally hot mid-summer for most Americans. July 2022 ranked 3rd hottest of the 128-year climatology (Fig. 1). Texas observed their hottest July on record inspired by harsh drought. 7 states observed all-time to-5 months of July stretching from Oregon to Rhode Island. The U.S. minimum temperature average was the warmest on record. The influence of anomalous warm mid-latitude oceans was a lead catalyst for that aspect of the July climate. Only the Upper Midwest was temperate during July as 44 of the Lower 48 States were hotter than normal.

July 2022 precipitation averaged 55th driest on record (of 128 years). The ranking of 55 is a wetter signature than many previous months. The wetter ranking for July was inspired by the historic rains in Kentucky and West Virginia (Fig. 2). Kentucky observed their 4th wettest July on record.  The Ohio Valley to the Southeast U.S. were wetter than normal. The Southwest U.S. was wetter than normal due to the robust monsoon pattern. Arizona observed their 25th wettest July. Colorado observed their 18th wettest July on record. Many states were near record dry including Texas and Rhode Island.

Fig. 1: NOAA state ranks for July 2022 temperature from 1985-2022 climatology.

Fig. 2: NOAA state ranks for July 2022 precipitation from 1985-2022 climatology.