Strong Cold Front East. Major Winter Storm West Coast.

A Super-warm Central/East U.S. for December 2021
12/08/2021, 6:12 am EST
Cool Support for La Nina East Pacific Subsurface Remains BUT West Pacific Is Warming!
12/13/2021, 7:25 pm EST
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Fig. 1: NOAA/NWS identifies many zones of high impact weather for today.

East discussion: A HIGH WIND WARNING for wind gusts 60-70 mph is in effect across Lower Michigan to 8PM and western New York to 11PM (Fig. 1). A HIGH WIND ADVISORY for wind gusts to 50 mph is in effect for most of the Ohio Valley to 7PM and in the Northeast Corridor to early Sunday morning to as far south as northern Virginia. Scattered power outages are likely in high population Northeast Corridor locations. Moderate power outages can occur in the Detroit and Buffalo areas today.

The cold front is aligned along the Appalachian Spine by early afternoon. The front extends into the Southeast U.S. sustaining tornado risk in northern Alabama to eastern Tennessee this morning with additional severe thunderstorms into Georgia later today. Strong thunderstorms capable of producing damaging wind is likely this afternoon and early evening in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The cold front is off-shore the entire Northeast Corridor just-after midnight. Gusty west-northwest wind follows and linger toward dawn especially in the Northeast.

WINTER STORM WARNING in the Upper Midwest will expire midday as snow and high wind ease.

West discussion: The first of three winter storms arrive in the Northwest U.S. today. Widespread WINTER STORM WARNING and HIGH WIND ADVISORY is in effect for all of the Northwest U.S. to northern California today/tonight. Highest rainfall for today/tonight is on the coastal California/Oregon state line and is near 3-4 in. while 1-2 foot of snow accumulates in the length of the Cascades.

On Sunday, the storm shifts focus to the northern portion of California. Heaviest precipitation is in the Sierra Nevada where 1-3 feet of snow is likely. The San Francisco Bay Area receives high wind and 1-2 in. of rain tomorrow. Power outages due to high wind is likely for the Bay Area and from San Jose to north of SFO.

Storm Two arrives early next week and hits California (again) hard! The second storm is stronger and more widespread. Heavy rain reaches areas just north of Los Angeles including snows in the coastal mountain ranges. The Sierra Nevada is hit with another 1-3 feet of snow. Heaviest rain is in the Monterrey area where 2-3 in. can occur. Heavy snows are widespread at low elevation across the northern California Mountains. High wind for much of the state and power outages are likely.

Heavy precipitation lingers Tuesday focused on the Los Angeles Basin with another foot of snow in the Sierra Nevada.

The third storm strikes northern California middle of next week.