Argentina Looking Wetter (At Times) Next 2 Weeks

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01/11/2023, 8:01 am EST
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01/21/2023, 9:17 am EST
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Charts of the day: New heavy rain events in the Argentina forecast.

Discussion: A weak impulse in the upper atmosphere spawns a 2-day heavy thunderstorm event over Central Argentina late this week. A cold front pushes into an unusually hot air mass across Northern Argentina during mid-January spawning excessive rainfall from potent thunderstorms next week.

Week-2 Valid January 23-30, 2023, 2022: Cold front triggers heavy thundershowers in Argentina.

Discussion: A cold front moves into a hot Northern Argentina air mass and triggers widespread thundershowers. The forecast trends wetter for Argentina! Hot weather in Argentina eases once the rains begin.

Week-3 Valid January 30-February 6, 2023: Dryness returns to Argentina.

Discussion: Argentina cools to near normal although the drier weather pattern is likely to re-emerge. Wet weather due to gully-washer thunderstorms is most likely across Paraguay and Southeast Brazil.

Week-4 Valid February 6-13, 2023: Air mass thundershowers for Argentina.

Discussion: Argentina is marginally hotter but also susceptible to air mass thunderstorm activity. Central and East Brazil continue to look drier.