June 2021 Is Record Hot!

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07/09/2021, 3:32 pm EDT
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07/13/2021, 10:34 am EDT
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Highlights: Record hot June 2021!

Fig. 1: NOAA June 2021 U.S. temperature rankings by state.

Discussion: A super drought across the western states helped to inspire a record hot June 2021 for California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Idaho (Fig. 1). Anomalous warmth across the North and Northeast U.S. was also near-record strength and also accompanied by drought most prominent across the northern Great Plains. Enough waves of hot weather pulsing eastward from the West U.S. source region reached New England to cause record warmth for June in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Typical of warm season climate anomalous heat was suppressed in the Gulf States/Mid-south/Southeast States due to widening wet soil moisture and a wetter than normal climate to start meteorological summer (Fig. 2). Mississippi observed their 2nd wettest June on record. The northwest/north Gulf States have observed one of the wettest second quarters of the year on record. Dryness dominated the northern states with South Dakota observing their driest June on record.

Fig. 2: NOAA June 2021 U.S. precipitation rankings by state.