Southwest/South Europe Turns Colder

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01/21/2023, 9:17 am EST
Backing Off The Extreme Cold U.S. Forecasts
01/26/2023, 8:18 am EST
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Charts of the day: The 7-day forecast.

Discussion: An intense upper-level low-pressure system rolls across Southern Europe spawning heavy to extreme rainfall across the Mediterranean Sea and into Southeast Europe. Trailing the storms is widespread cool-to-cold weather across Spain to France which is spreading eastward.

Week-2 Ahead Forecast valid January 30-February 6, 2023: Southern Europe is chilly; stormy Germany/Poland to Black Sea region.

Discussion: Early in the period, a longwave upper trough stretches north-to-south across East-central Europe and into the Mediterranean Sea shifting to the Black Sea late in the period. Early period rain and snow across Germany/Poland and the Baltic region shifts to the Black Sea region mid-to-late period. Interestingly, the coolest anomalies are across Southern Europe while Northwest Russia stays mild.

Week-3 Ahead Forecast valid February 6-13, 2023: North Atlantic storm track across Central Europe; Mild influence.

Discussion: ECMWF projects the North Atlantic storm track extending eastward across Central Europe, a mild (marine) influence.

Week-4 Ahead Forecast valid February 13-20, 2023: Drier pattern; temperate Southern Europe.

Discussion: The outlook is somewhat drier and cools to near normal across Southern Europe. Northwest Eurasia remains warmer than normal.