An Update on Global Drought Areas

North Atlantic Basin Reginal SSTA Trends
08/22/2022, 7:11 pm EDT
ECM Week 1-6 Outlook Suggests Peak of Tropical Cyclone Season is Around October 1st in North Atlantic
08/26/2022, 8:19 am EDT
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Fig. 1-2: Central and eastern China drought is historic generated by lack of rainfall and a super-hot summer. The ECM ENS 15-day outlook keeps the drought area very dry!

Fig. 3-4: Historic Europe drought of summer 2022 roars on although there has been some recent helpful rains. The ECM ENS 15-day outlook indicates more helpful rains for South/Southeast Europe. However, France, U.K. are mostly dry.

Fig. 5-6: Summer of 2022 produced a Great Plains drought while the Northeast drought was a surprise. The ECM ENS 15-day outlook keeps the pattern mostly dry from the North-central U.S. to the Northeast Corridor. Dryness is aggravated Upper Midwest/Midwest U.S. and into the Northeast States. However, Southern U.S. drought is wiped-out by a heavy rains pattern.

Fig. 7-8: The historic Chilean drought roars on. Brazil drought is moderate in intensity but recent wet weather for southwest/southeast Brazil ends and ECM ENS returns the dry pattern. Argentina has drought concerns and the 15-day outlook is dry.