August 2020 Global Soil Moisture Anomalies And 3-Month Trend

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09/03/2020, 11:32 am EDT
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August 2020 global soil moisture trend: The number of drier soil moisture regions outweighed the wetter regimes by 14 to 8 in August 2020. In North America a drier trend became established over the Southwest U.S. centered on the 4-Corners region. The Ohio Valley also trended drier. Canadian dryness extended to New England although drought in Western Canada eased. In South America drought intensified in Central Brazil and extended to Paraguay and into Southeast Brazil while Central Argentina was much wetter. Long-term drought in Chile is easing. In Europe, U.K. was wetter while a small area of drought intensified in France. Southeast Europe trended wetter while the Black Sea to Caspian Sea region (and just to the north) was drier. The very wet regime across Southern Asia eased in Central India while North and South Vietnam drought emerged and intensified. A wet summer caused vast wet soil moisture changes in much of China. Finally, drought worsened in Queensland and Southwest Australia.