Second Warmest September on Record

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10/06/2019, 9:12 am EDT
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September was 2nd hottest on record in 125 years for U.S.

Fig. 1: The September 2019 statewide temperature ranks.

Fig. 2: The September 2019 statewide precipitation ranks.

Discussion: The second hottest September on record was observed in the U.S. according to NOAA. The hottest September on record was observed in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana (Fig. 1). Ohio also observed the hottest September on record. Only the Far West and parts of New England observed a normally temperate September. The precipitation pattern featured extremes. The wettest September on record was observed in North Dakota while most of the Northwest to Upper Midwest was much wetter than average (Fig. 2). Conversely, the Southeast States were the driest on record. Kentucky and West Virginia were also record dry. The dry climate combined with historical warmth caused flash drought to develop in the Southeast U.S.