Most Negative Global Atmospheric Angular Momentum Regime of Winter 2021-22

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02/28/2022, 1:07 pm EST
La Nina Is A Little Stronger
03/07/2022, 4:03 pm EST
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Fig. 1-2: Forecast models indicate the most negative global atmospheric angular momentum regime of winter 2021-22 is ahead and responsible for an amplified ridge/trough pattern in the northern hemisphere including a split in the polar vortex.

Discussion: Into the middle third of March 2022, emergence of a late season arctic air mass evolves in central Canada stretching to the U.S. Great Plains. At the same time, another late season arctic air mass emerges in West-central Russia and extends to Southeast Europe. The late season cold outbreaks are caused by a slowdown in the upper-level wind patterns of the middle latitude northern hemisphere as identified by the forecast for the strongest negative phase of global atmospheric angular momentum of winter 2021-22. The polar vortex splits with most intense centers over northeast Canada and north-central Russia peaking in intensity in the 6-10-day period.