U.S. June and Quarter 2 of 2022 U.S. Climate Rankings

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07/10/2022, 7:59 pm EDT
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Discussion: The June 2022 national temperature ranking was 15th warmest (of 128 years). The southern tier of the U.S. ranked in the MUCH ABOVE normal category with Texas close to an all-time record (Fig. 1). The June 2022 national precipitation pattern was 12th driest on record and featured a wet pattern in the West (wettest June on record for Oregon) while the Central and East U.S. were very dry including the 2nd driest June on record in North Carolina (Fig. 2)

Fig. 1: June 2022 state-by-state temperature rankings.

Fig. 2: June 2022 state-by-state precipitation rankings.

Fig. 3: Quarter 2 of 2022 state-by-state temperature rankings.

Fig. 4: Quarter 2 of 2022 state-by-state precipitation rankings.

Quarter 2 of 2022 was 25th warmest nationally in the 128-year climatology. APR/MAY/JUN 2022 observed anomalous warmth across the South and East tier of the nation (Fig. 3) lead by the warmest Q2 on record for Texas. The New England States and most of the southern tier ranked in the top 15 all-time months of June on record.

The precipitation ranking for APR/MAY/JUN 2022 was 49th driest and featured a mix of dry and wet regimes including Oregon where the wettest month on record occurred (Fig. 4).