Climate Impact Company at GRAINCOM 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland

NOAA/NHC Identify Event 1 of 2023 Occurred in Mid-January
05/12/2023, 8:19 am EDT
Marine Heat Wave Shifts West, Contributes to “Apocalyptic” Italy/Southeast Europe Rains Past Few Days
05/18/2023, 12:11 pm EDT
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Many thanks to the GRAINCOM 2023 Gathering in Geneva, Switzerland May 15-17 for inviting Climate Impact Company to present on climate change, both projected and real-time. Special thanks to Dr. Olivia Kellner for her presentation on “Global Cereals Crop Production 2030 and Beyond in a Changing Global Climate System” to a group of many hundreds of delegates from all over the world. An essential and vital speech. Thank you to all that attended!