05/12/2022, 2:34 pm EDT

U.S. Summertime in a 3rd Consecutive La Nina Year: Hostile drought!

Historically, ENSO phase entering a 3rd consecutive summer strongly supports widespread hostile drought for the U.S. biased toward the Great Plains historically but likely tilted slightly westward this summer season due to the already strong long-term drought across the western states.
05/05/2022, 12:21 pm EDT

Cause Of The Historic India Heatwave

Heavy convection south and southeast of India building the past several months and likely related to the Madden Julian oscillation released latent heat poleward causing a warming of the atmosphere across South-central Asia. The result is a titanic upper-level high-pressure ridge leading to historic heat across India (and westward to Iran/Iraq).
04/10/2022, 12:59 pm EDT

A Review of U.S. Winter 2021-22

The cold season for 2021-22 offered a lot of variety most of which was not friendly to the natural gas market. The cold season started with a very warm climate feature record warmth in December. However, the mid-winter when temperatures are coldest observed a reversal in the pattern featuring top-third cold in the high energy demand northeast quadrant of the U.S. February brought a “polar vortex” cold outbreak surging into Texas and pulsing across the East followed by another cold shot in early March.
03/24/2022, 8:36 am EDT

An Update on The El Nino Southern Oscillation 2022

The 2020-22 "double dip" La Nina peaked in late 2020 and again in late 2021. However, despite a brief disruption in La Nina according to the Nino34 index, the actual La Nina climate has persisted for nearly 2 years according to multivariate ENSO index. Will the 2022 climate remain in La Nina phase despite the neutral ENSO Nino34 SSTA which most models are forecasting for mid-year?