02/22/2023, 4:33 pm EST

Marine Heat Wave is Catalyst to Historic Flooding and Heat During Summer 2022-23 in New Zealand

The most recent example of devastating climate regimes and embedded weather events is across New Zealand as summer 2022-23 has produced historic warmth across South Islands while Northern New Zealand has endured the worst flooding episode on record. The catalyst to the heat and flooding rainfall is the persistence of anomalous warm waters which reached record levels in early 2023 surrounding New Zealand.
01/17/2023, 4:16 am EST

Explaining The “Atmospheric River” Evolution Into California

A very specific set of circumstances convened during late December 2022 and intensifying in early January 2023 to cause what eventually became an “atmospheric river” storm track targeting California for a 3-week period of excessive rainfall (over 50 in. for some locations) and 10’s of feet of snow across the Sierra Nevada.
12/30/2022, 11:48 am EST

How to Break a Long-term Northern half of California Drought

During the next 2 weeks prohibitive precipitation amount is forecast across the West U.S. The Canadian Ensemble indicates large areas of >12 in. of liquid precipitation centered on northwest California and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Conservative estimates range to >20- in. of water in favored areas of these two locations.
11/16/2022, 4:55 am EST

Argentina Marine Heat Wave Influencing South America Climate

The strengthening “warm blob” of SSTA to the east of Argentina is well-correlated to anomalous high-pressure ridging aloft. At times, that high-pressure influence causes dryness and anomalous heat in Argentina likely to expand northward into Southern Brazil during the summer season. To compensate for the upper ridge, a wet low-pressure trough (correlated to slightly cool SSTA east of Brazil) is also likely to persist and cause a wet pattern for north and east portions of Brazil into the summer 2022-23 season.