06/25/2023, 7:18 pm EDT

Status of Global Marine Heat Waves Update

Climate Impact Company is following 7 global marine heat waves (MHW) as the mid-point of 2023 approaches. The largest MHW stretches across the eastern North Atlantic basin and is a repeat of the 2022 episode although displaced slightly westward.
06/11/2023, 11:07 am EDT

Unique Synoptic Weather Pattern Causes Flash Fires in Canada

Exceptional climate regimes require a close review as to their catalyst to understand how the pattern developed to help mitigate risk, if possible, to similar future circumstances. The record-strength Canadian fire season of 2023 (so far) was caused by a set of unique circumstances all occurring at once to promote a flash fire acceleration during mid-to-late spring 2023.
05/21/2023, 8:57 am EDT

A Look at Summer U.S. and EU/RU New Optimum Climate Normal

Applied to all climate forecasts is recent historical patterns due to their significant difference from a standard 30-year climatology and driven (mostly) by accelerated ocean surface warming of recent years. Specifically, emergence of a semi-permanent marine heat wave (MHW) in the northeast quadrant of the North Pacific Ocean and similar but opposite (cool) sea surface temperature anomaly regime south of Greenland known as the North Atlantic warm hole (NAWH).