03/05/2024, 2:53 pm EST

Finding Climate Change in Northern Hemisphere Wintertime Upper Air Pattern During El Nino   

A comparison of northern hemisphere 500 MB height anomalies for DEC/JAN/FEB during the strongest 3 El Nino events of the past 30 years to the just-ended event yields several interesting observations. The general 500 MB anomaly pattern is remarkably consistent but notice how each year produces less and less bold upper trough signatures.
03/04/2024, 11:54 am EST

AG Market Weather/Climate Research: Mid-Latitude Ocean Forecast Contributes to a Dry Central U.S. Summertime Climate

The summer 2024 forecast is most confident over North America where elevated drought risk is forecast for the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies. Forecast confidence is lower for the Europe outlook as timing of drought differs from summertime for Western Europe according to CFS to mid-to-late summer by the CIC forecast centered on France and the Black Sea region.
02/25/2024, 8:26 am EST

Schedule of North Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts for 2024

The global climate is expected to shift toward and into a La Nina regime during the 2024 North Atlantic and coupled with forecasts of very warm SST across the North Atlantic, 2024 has the chance to produce record-strength (and amount) of tropical cyclones. This statement is a likely sentiment of the government, academic, and private sector outlooks issued this spring. Climate Impact Company…March 28 Tropical Storm Risk/U.K…April 8 Colorado State University…April 4 NOAA…Around May 23.