05/09/2024, 10:24 am EDT

North Atlantic/Northeast Pacific and ENSO Forecasts

An extremely complicated North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific SSTA regime with profound influence on North America and Europe climate is reviewed. The North Atlantic is record warm but with a unique character and forecast (by ECMWF) to change during the northern hemisphere summer.
05/02/2024, 8:46 am EDT

Marine Heatwave Drives Rio Grande do Sul Extreme Rains

An extreme rainfall event has occurred in Rio Grande do Sul in Southeast Brazil leaving thousands homeless, many people killed, and widespread destruction such as washed-out bridges and destroyed homes. The rainfall event is ongoing and additional extreme rain is likely into mid-May. Why?
04/23/2024, 3:58 am EDT

The Influence of Marine Heatwaves on Record Warm Global SST

March 2024 brought the 12th consecutive month of record warm global oceans. The daily global SSTA analysis reveals the influence on record warm global oceans by marine heatwaves (MHW). Several MHW’s are steady or strengthening in the southern hemisphere while the second year of a MHW off the Northwest Africa Coast is regaining strength and a new MHW is forming off the coast of East Asia.
04/17/2024, 2:59 pm EDT

MJO, NAWH, and IOD Contribute to Southern Ural Region/Northern Kazakhstan to Dubai Flooding

Extreme weather events or climate regimes are often blamed on climate change (or global warming). However, rarely are the weather/climate synoptics causing the event identified and reviewed. An attempt to identify the catalyst to recent historic flooding in the Southern Ural region of Russia to Northern Kazakhstan and adding Dubia well to the south is provided.