07/16/2023, 12:37 pm EDT

The Wetter Pattern Change in the Northeast U.S.

After a relatively dry and cool spring in the Northeast U.S. Corridor, the weather pattern has changed dramatically. During July so far, the Northeast U.S. has shifted 1-3C warmer than normal while flooding rainfall events have emerged. The rainfall events are producing historical flooding in Vermont and widening toward central and southern New England today.
07/13/2023, 9:50 am EDT

Northern Gulf of Mexico is Cooling off

The North Atlantic basin is record warm. The Gulf of Mexico is also somewhat warmer than normal averaging 1.0C above normal. However, during the past week the waters just off the northern Gulf Coast have cooled significantly.
07/13/2023, 9:42 am EDT

Over-achieving Solar Cycle 25 Continues!

The risk of disruption to radio and satellite communications as well as power grids may increase if solar cycle 25 continues to over-achieve in intensity heading for maxima in 2025.
07/11/2023, 2:03 pm EDT

Regional Differences but June 2023 Was (Nationally) Near Normal

June 2023 ranked 52nd warmest and 48th driest (of 129 years). The “near average” national rank was made by varying regional temperature and precipitation. The Mid-Atlantic region observed a top 10% cool regime including the 10th coolest on record in Virginia.