06/12/2023, 3:17 pm EDT

Northwest Air Flow Out of Canada Continues to Push Smoke and Haze Into Northeast U.S.

Smoke and haze from the Canadian Fires fallout continue to inhibit visibility and safe breathing across the northeast quadrant of the U.S. The RRFS model projects the most-dense smoke/haze at midday today across New England, clearing out of the Mid-Atlantic States tomorrow, and regenerating in the Midwest States Wednesday.
06/11/2023, 1:23 pm EDT

Ongoing Drought Central Plains, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic States Greeted With Patchy Rains Next 15 Days

Evaporative drought demand index did a good job recognizing the fire risk to Canada and maintains a dry atmosphere/soil moisture combination into the northeast quadrant of the U.S. during early June.
06/11/2023, 12:29 pm EDT

No Early Summer for Mid-Atlantic Region

Until the waters off the East Coast warm significantly, the tendency for cool temperatures in the East U.S. with very limited number of warm-to-hot days will continue into mid-summer.
06/11/2023, 11:09 am EDT

AG Market Weather/Climate Research: Unique Synoptic Weather Pattern Causes Flash Fires in Canada

Exceptional climate regimes require a close review as to their catalyst to understand how the pattern developed to help mitigate risk, if possible, to similar future circumstances. The record-strength Canadian fire season of 2023 (so far) was caused by a set of unique circumstances all occurring at once to promote a flash fire acceleration during mid-to-late spring 2023.