06/25/2023, 7:18 pm EDT

Status of Global Marine Heat Waves Update

Climate Impact Company is following 7 global marine heat waves (MHW) as the mid-point of 2023 approaches. The largest MHW stretches across the eastern North Atlantic basin and is a repeat of the 2022 episode although displaced slightly westward.
06/23/2023, 8:58 am EDT

GFS/ECM Wet Bias in Medium-range Forecasts for Midwest U.S.

Medium-range forecasts across the Midwest U.S. drought area during the past 30 days are too wet especially by the GFS ENS and to a lesser extent by the ECM ENS. The ECM ENS 6-10-day verification is reasonable otherwise a strong wet bias is indicated.
06/19/2023, 3:58 pm EDT

Two Tropical Cyclones Ahead In Central North Atlantic Tropics

Tropical cyclone formation in the central North Atlantic tropics during June is unusual. The catalyst this year is a favorable low shear environment and enhanced early season inter-tropical-convergence-zone (ITCZ) enables by much warmer than normal SSTA.