06/13/2023, 8:44 am EDT

Wet Trade Winds to Develop Across Record Warm SSTA (for June)

The developing and steady wet trade wind regime in the tropics is inspired in-part by what is likely to be the warmest SSTA pattern on record for the main development region (MDR) for North Atlantic hurricanes as defined by the tropical North Atlantic (TNA) index.
06/12/2023, 3:17 pm EDT

Northwest Air Flow Out of Canada Continues to Push Smoke and Haze Into Northeast U.S.

Smoke and haze from the Canadian Fires fallout continue to inhibit visibility and safe breathing across the northeast quadrant of the U.S. The RRFS model projects the most-dense smoke/haze at midday today across New England, clearing out of the Mid-Atlantic States tomorrow, and regenerating in the Midwest States Wednesday.