10/22/2023, 2:46 pm EDT

Heavy Rains across Europe the Next 2 Weeks

In Europe, the wet forecasts from late last week trend wetter. A vigorous upper trough west of Europe expands into Europe and is semi-permanent into early November causing widespread 2-5 in. of rain.
10/22/2023, 10:11 am EDT

South America Alert: Central Brazil Drought Ahead; Wet Climate Backs Into Northeast Argentina

The Climate Impact Company season 1-3 ahead climate forecast for South America is updated. The forecast is based on a constructed analog rooted in regional SSTA regimes and their historical upper air patterns. Highlights include the likely evolution of Central Brazil drought during summer 2023-24 possibly expanding eastward during early autumn. Wet climate shifts into Northeast Argentina easing long-term drought in that region.
10/20/2023, 9:18 am EDT

U.S. Gas Population Weight HDD Forecasts Chill to Near Normal

The U.S. gas population weight heating degree day (HDD) forecast through the first third of November projects much below normal heating demand for the current week shifting to near the 30-year normal for late October and early November.
10/18/2023, 8:27 am EDT

Where Is The Worst Drought/Drought Potential Areas?

Deep layer (10-200 CM) soil moisture deficits are often caused by lack of rainfall over a lengthy (at least 9 months) time-period. This condition generally involves drought development at the surface and potential for flash drought if a dry and anomalous hot weather pattern settles over the area. Dramatic events are inspired by these conditions.